The Cocciara Hostel offers a large living room, also used as a refectory, where you can watch TV, work on the computer, taking lunch or a snack using the refrigerator, a coffee machine (€ 0.60 cu) or the sink. Guests have free access to all public areas, and are equipped with a key to the main door to move independently.
In all rooms there is air conditioning (€ 1,00 per day).
A free wi-fi service coming soon.
Hostel has an outdoor parking, and a large garden where they can run around with your dog, that are welcome.

The hostel offers the following paid services (cost per person):

  • Breakfast (buffet with milk, coffee, tea, cookies, biscuits, toast, yogurt, fruit juices, jams, honey, butter) at a cost of € 1.70. Depending on the season it can be served either inside the structure in the refectory or outdoors in the garden.
  • Lunch : € 10.50.
  • Takeaway  Lunch : € 7.50
  • Dinner : € 10.50

Payments are accepted in cash or ATM of the EMV chip.
The hostel is open all year.
The reception time  (also valid for check-in and check-out) are:

  • morning from 08:00 to 10:00
  • afternoon from 18:00 to 20:00